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Tender Opportunity for new Victims Hub


We are pleased to announce the launch of a tender opportunity for a new Victim's Hub.

It is envisaged that this service will provide a single point of contact for anyone affected by crime in the Humber region. The service will provide initial needs assessments and access to a range of support services through support and care pathways. The definition of a crime will have a lower threshold than police forces as it will also include all levels of Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB),  and where an individual is in need, the service will endeavour to find a pathway to assist them.  

The overall aim of the service is to enable anyone affected by crime to cope and recover from the impact of the offence and from the harm experienced in the shortest possible time.

The service has been in design for over 12 months, seeking to go live in 2024, and takes into consideration The Victims’ Code of Practice, Victims and Prisoners Bill 2023 and other relevant legislation that establishes minimum standards on the rights, support, and protection of victims of crime. Furthermore the service seeks to achieve the aims of both the existing and any future version of Humberside PCC's Police and Crime Plan, whereby victim needs and effective services are viewed as a key priority.  

Humberside Police and Crime Commissioner Jonathan Evison said: "I am really pleased with the development of our new Victim's Hub which will help anyone who has been affected by crime to find the right support to help them recover from their experience.     

"I made a pledge in my Police and Crime Plan in 2021 to develop this service which has been carefully planned and we are now looking for an outstanding organisation to make these plans a reality so we can better serve our communities."           

Tender applications should be made through the EU Supply portal. Deadline is 1600hrs on 14th November 2023 - Click here for access                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Posted on Thursday 26th October 2023