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Fraud campaign relaunches following first ever Fraud Conference hosted by Humberside Police

DI Ben Robinson and JE - Fraud Campaign Apr 23

Humberside Police hosted the first ever Fraud Prevention Conference in our region yesterday (Wednesday 26 April), with speakers from the force’s Economic Crime Unit (ECU), national and local Trading Standards, Victim Support, Age Concern, Citizens Advice and True Call.

The Fraud Prevention Conference has been a catalyst to relaunch Take Five, a national campaign launched back in May 2021 offering straight-forward, impartial advice to help prevent and disrupt fraudulent activity, as well as protect victims against it.

A priority for both the force and the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC), the two have partnered to reiterate the seriousness of this crime, the effect it has on victims, as well as giving people the tools and power to spot the signs and say no.

Detective Inspector Ben Robinson, from Humberside Police’s ECU said;

“In the Humberside Police area 7,972 victims lost £21.7 million in 2021/2022, but only one in seven cases are reported to the Police. Just imagine what these figures would show if more people came forward, especially since people are more likely to be a victim of fraud than any other offence.

“Not only this, but fraud is the highest concern for the public, that’s behind violent crime and terrorism, and above sexual offences. This just shows how crucial it is to disrupt fraudsters and protect the public – ensuring nobody becomes a victim of fraud due to lack of awareness.

“The impact of fraud can be considerable, having a huge effect on people’s confidence and wellbeing, as well as their financial situation. I too have been a victim in the past and can really relate to the victims we speak to daily.

“We need continue to increase knowledge of the many different types of fraud and methods used, but most of all we really want to empower people to be able to protect themselves and those they love from becoming a victim of these crimes.”

Police and Crime Commissioner Jonathan Evison added;

“Sadly, the number of people being targeted by fraudsters across the Humber region and nationally is huge, however too often people say they’ve been scammed which belittles fraud.

“It’s a serious crime committed by unscrupulous criminals, therefore vital to ensure that as many people as possible are fraud aware and empowered to take five, and ultimately say no to fraud.

“My hope is that relaunching this campaign brings fraud back to the fore to prevent more people from becoming victims again, having their identities stolen or being left distraught by their ordeals.

“Working in partnership with Humberside Police, our intention is to give victims of crime a voice to highlight how serious fraud is, and ultimately remove the stigma and embarrassment that victims often feel.”

More information can be found on social media #SayNoToFraud and online at

Posted on Thursday 27th April 2023