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Community Response Fund

Following the success of the Community Safety Fund, the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) is keen to continue providing funding to impact on crime and community safety at a local level by directly responding to issues identified by the public that are affecting their neighbourhoods and local areas.

The PCC’s Community Response Fund (CRF) is a pilot project which responds directly to the issues that the public have identified via Humber Talking, the engagement tool used by the PCC and Humberside Police which asks residents key questions about the issues that affect their community, for example, road safety, criminal damage, drug dealing and anti-social behaviour. 

The CRF Pilot will focus on two specific local areas, providing funding for projects that seek to address a key issue identified by residents that is impacting on their local area.

The Fund will provide up to £10,000 in each area to fund a project to address Anti-Social Behaviour:

  • Winterton, North Lincolnshire
  • Bridlington South, East Riding of Yorkshire

Anti-social Behaviour in Winterton

The Neighbourhood Policing Team have focused attention on young people causing anti-social behaviour within the community. Their priority is to identify the youths responsible to steer them away from criminality towards positive life choices. The police have been working with partner agencies, schools and visiting parents/carers.

Anti-social behaviour remains an issue, particularly in the park areas within the town where young people gather and can sometimes cause concerns for the local community.  There is the need to provide positive outreach and diversionary activities to engage young people.

As part of the CRF Pilot, we are seeking projects which will address the issues identified and help reduce instances of anti-social behaviour in the town.

Anti-social behaviour in Bridlington South

The Neighbourhood Policing Team continues to engage with the local community and have identified a number of areas within Bridlington South that remain subject to anti-social behaviour.  These instances are primarily linked to the impact of drug taking.

As part of the CRF Pilot, we are seeking projects to address the issues identified and help reduce instances of anti-social behaviour in this part of the town.

A shortlist of up to three projects in each area will then be subject to a public vote with the project receiving the highest number of votes being awarded the funding.

If successful, future rounds of the CRF will be influenced by feedback gained from the public via Humber Talking.  To register to have your say about issues of crime and community safety CLICK HERE

Applications to the PCC’s Community Response Fund can be made via our online grants portal – CLICK HERE to apply. To start an application, please follow the prompts to register for a free user account from the homepage.

The deadline for applications to the CRF Pilot is 24 April 2023 at 23:59

Application Guidance document – CLICK HERE

To contact us with any questions about the PCC’s Community Response Fund, please email