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Community Response Fund

The Community Response Fund targets crime and improves community safety at a local level by directly responding to issues identified by the public that are affecting their neighbourhoods and local areas.

The Police and Crime Commissioner’s Community Response Fund (CRF) provides funding for projects that address the key issues the public have identified via Humber Talking, the engagement tool used by the PCC and Humberside Police which asks residents key questions about the issues that affect their community, for example, road safety, criminal damage, drug dealing and antisocial behaviour.

To date there have been three rounds of the CRF, focusing resources on a number of locations across the Humber.  A shortlist of up to three projects in each area were selected and the final decision on which project should be funded was the subject of a public vote, with those receiving the highest number of votes being awarded the funding.  Up to £10,000 of grant funding was made available per project through the CRF.

Round One piloted this new approach and resulted in three projects selected in Bridlington South and Winterton, with two being selected in Winterton due to a close public vote.

Round Two focused on another three areas across the Humber, with four projects selected in Immingham, Longhill & Bilton Grange and Withernsea, two of which were in Immingham again due to a close public vote. 

Round Three of the CRF has just been finalised and focuses on Barton, Beverley, Bridlington South, Goole, Hornsea, Crowle, Kirton-in-Lindsey.  In this round, the PCC, HEY Smile Foundation, East Riding Community Safety Partnership and East Riding of Yorkshire Council made additional funding available to enable additional, higher value projects that support the delivery of the Clear, Hold, Build Initiative to be selected in Bridlington South (Up to £17,500).

In this round, the public vote was used to confirm public support for the eight projects shortlisted across these areas.  Five out of the e​ight areas met the minimum threshold for the public vote and have been awarded a grant to deliver the whole project.  Those in Beverley, Crowle and Kirton-in-Lindsey did not secure the minimum number of votes but were still awarded a three month grant which will then be reviewed with the potential to extend should demand and impact be demonstrated. Beverley and Crowle projects are now confirmed and conversations are ongoing with Kirton-in-Lindsey Town Council.

For further details of all the projects that have been selected through the Community Response Fund click here.