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Community Safety Fund - YMCA


YMCA Humber have been successful in receiving £34,035 worth of funding from the Community Safety Fund. 

YMCA Humber work to provide Youth Diversonary Activities for young people aged 8-16. This includes physical and creative activities as well as emotional and wellbeing support. 

Emma and her 3 children attend the Freeman Street hub, she said "This youth club would not have happened if the YMCA did not move to Freeman Street. It has been great for my kids and for myself, I have been getting involved in different activities such as tennis and yoga".

Alyssa, aged 11, said "I have made so many friends at the youth club and my confidence has grown. I have been more active and introduced to new sports such as cricket and rounders, I have found that I like cricket and i am good at it."

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Posted on Wednesday 21st June 2023