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Speed Indicator Devices

Speed Indicator Devices (SIDs) offer traffic management solutions which reduce vehicle speeds and create safer and cleaner roads. These electric signs display a speed or message when triggered by vehicles travelling at excessive speeds.

SIDs are intended to supplement rather than replace the traditional signs and are aimed at addressing road safety issues in specific locations.  Local Authorities have a limited number of SIDs which are deployed in locations across the area based on the top sites in their Local Speed Management Strategies.  With this approach, there will always be locations where residents or local Parish Councils find they sit outside the top locations and therefore do not receive the service of a device.

The SIDs Grant Scheme is designed to provide additional funding to enable other locations to install SIDs and improve road safety across the Humber.

The initial pilot programme has a budget of up to £25,000 available up until end of March 2025.

The SIDs Grant Scheme can provide a maximum contribution of up to 50% of the costs of the following:

•  Purchase of a Speed Indicator Device

•  Installation of a post, where no provision exists

Applicants must have agreement in writing from the relevant Local Authority for the proposed Speed Indicator Device prior to application to the SIDs Grant Scheme Pilot.

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