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Proposed Projects in Bridlington South

Bridlington South (Clear, Hold, Build)

Two projects to be selected in Bridlington – the two projects looking for funding are:

Wild West Hill 2Wild West Hill 2, Rewilding Youth

Our project proposes to facilitate transformative nature connection activities, wild adventures, wild therapy and local environmental activism opportunities for young people living on and around the West Hill Housing Estate in Bridlington. We would focus on building on and strengthening those relationships already established with young people and the local community through our recent PCC funded Wild West Hill project and HAF funded Christmas holiday programme and would also aim to broaden the reach of the project to work with young people living in other areas within the South Bridlington area.

The project will focus especially on those young people who would not usually be involved in nature-based/environmentally focused activities and whose areas have been identified to us as hotspots for anti-social and criminal behaviour in Bridlington as highlighted through participation in the recent Clear, Hold, Build conferences and events.

The project aim to engage and work with communities of young people through delivering a series of weekly 3 hour sessions delivered by qualified and experienced youth workers and outdoor education practitioners. Rewilding Youth uses nature connection activities such as bushcraft, green woodwork, foraging and environmental education to provide inspiring, motivating and sometimes challenging experiences for young people through which develop their self-confidence; self-knowledge and self-esteem.  Examples of activities that we deliver include:

● Bushcraft

● Campfire cooking

● Wild Walks/Wild Camps

● Animal tracking

● Wild therapy

● Shelter-building

● Foraging

● Willow-weaving

● Green woodwork

● Natural art and much more...

The project will also build on the skills and environmental agency developed by the young people that have already established relationships with to work with them to develop a community - based environmental project. Young people have asked Rewilding Youth to help them create an area on the estate where they can spend time in nature safely and which they can use to pass some of the skills they have been learning with us onto younger members of their community. They have also expressed an interest in growing vegetables and creating areas dedicated to bee-friendly wild flowers. They aim to explore and activate these ideas through this project.

The Hinge - BridlingtonAfter School and Holiday Clubs, The Hinge

The Hinge have identified children living in Bridlington who are marginalised, isolated and vulnerable due to extreme deprivation and poverty. They suffer multiple Adverse Childhood Experiences resulting in poor emotional wellbeing and struggle to form trusting relationships/friendships and are not engaging in school or local activities. They are living in insecure, inadequate/unsafe housing or at risk of being homeless. They have chaotic lifestyles and poor lifestyle choices. A lot of residents are benefit dependent and/or single-parent families. Most of the children are reliant on free school meals and foodbanks.

The children are at risk of exploitation, offending, anti-social behaviour, gang activity. They are exposed to substance abuse/alcohol dependency, domestic violence, abuse and neglect. Most of the children have never left Bridlington, they come from generations who ‘hated school’, have poor academic attainment and do not value academic achievement.

Children do not engage in sports clubs or hobbies as they are not easily accessible, are too expensive or they are excluded due to their high level of need and supervision.  They will target hard to reach children by through this project which will enable the continuation of the ‘US girls’ female only project for young people aged 11-18. This has been running since 2018 and is hugely popular but the funding ends in March 2024. 

The project will provide a wide range of activities after-school and in the school holidays. They will run clubs daily during term-time at their centre on Havenfield Estate and the new centre next to the Town Hall. In the school holidays they will offer longer sessions and activities at the centre and also organise family excursions and trips to provide structure and routine and to continue informal education to further support their engagement at school. Sessions will range from 2 hours to full day activities.

We think these are good projects but want to know if local people think that they address the issues in their local area and should be funded.Click here to register your vote.