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Proposed Project in Hornsea

Over a 52-week period Hornsea Town Council wants to expand the work of their 3 Youth Response Workers, in consultation with other services and partners, to continue to engage with targeted and vulnerable young people in a positive way, out in the community at locations where they hangout, and continue to engage with them in meaningful discussion, support them to reduce ASB and provide informal education to prevent and reduce risk taking behaviours.

The project will provide some meaningful diversionary activities, signpost young people to specialist services and encourage them to design projects that will grow their skills to reduce anti-social behaviour and other related issues involving young people in Hornsea.

Young people have indicated that they would like to take part in sporting activities and in response to this the project will deliver twilight multi-sports and youth work sessions on the HSLC 3G pitch every Friday 6pm till 8pm and will be free at the point of use.

It would be a fantastic opportunity for young people to meet new friends, have fun or just chill in a welcoming and safe place.  It would also bring together young people who would normally hang out in public areas - streets, parks etc and will offer diversionary activities and an opportunity for the Youth Response Team to engage with youngsters in meaningful discussion and offer support.

We think this is a good project but want to know if local people think that it addresses the issues in their local area and should be funded.Click here to register your vote. Voting closes on 26th February.