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Proposed Project in Kirton in Lindsey

KLTC logoGetting Stuck In! Kirton In Lindsey Town Council

Project to engage young people through street-based outreach during evenings and weekends, at a time which is appropriate to the needs of the age group. This outreach will be aimed at building trusting relationships with young people before encouraging them to choose and develop the activities they would be interested to engage in. This work will be in conjunction with the two schools in the town, and town-based youth organisations including the youth club, Scouts, Guides, Brownies, In Bloom and others.

Outreach would be carried out by a dedicated Community Co-Ordinator and Town Councillors.  Following the initial engagement, the Town Council will set up youth and holiday clubs to offer a range of arts, crafts and games’ activities including football, cricket, rounders. In terms of community engagement, activities will also include litter-picking and assistance for the elderly and/or vulnerable in the community, including gardening and other useful errands for example.  The decision about the activities will be based on feedback from the young people involved. Vouchers can be earned for tasks completed, which can be spent for rewards to affirm and encourage the positive behaviours. The voucher scheme will be directly linked to the young people who engage in the project and which they recognise and value as rewards, ranging from purchases in local shops, equipment for sports activities and gaming activities and events including visits to nearby amenities which they cannot readily access on their own, such as nearby skate parks, climbing walls and swimming pools.

We think this is a good project but want to know if local people think that it addresses the issues in their local area and should be funded.Click here to register your vote. Voting closes on 26th February.