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Proposed Project in Beverley

Beverley - Its Your GameIt’s Your Game – Hull FC Rugby Community Sports and Education Foundation

The project represents a collaborative, multi-agency approach towards using the power of sport to empower 60 young people aged 9 to 16 with the skills, knowledge, and positive behaviours consistent with a pro-social identity.

With sports participation at the core, participants will access a co-created personal development programme providing access to life skills workshops, volunteering, and social action through three personalised strands of activity.

Engage: Two 90-minute sessions, one for children aged 9 to 11 and the other for young people aged 11 to 16, will be delivered weekly from green space within Burden Road Park on nights determined by neighbourhood police officers when anti-social behaviour is most prevalent. Led by qualified and experienced youth professionals, the first hour will represent ‘Engage’, consisting of participant-led multi-sport activities that empower participants to get active, form relationships, and develop inter-personal skills e.g. confidence. Young people will be in control of what activities they engage in, with coaches creating opportunities for peer-to-peer delivery that harnesses leadership skills.

Educate: Coaches will supplement physical activity with one-to-one and group workshops during the final thirty-minutes that explore conflict management, critical thinking, and activities that build resilience and instil better decision-making qualities. The opportunity to participate in sport is the engagement tool, supporting young people to develop a positive mindset where they are more likely to take on messages that reinforce healthy lifestyles and the dangers of risky behaviours.

The weekly sporting sessions will empower participants to have better self-belief, self-efficacy, and pro-social bonds with their peers and Foundation colleagues with activities supporting communication, leadership, conflict resolution and teamwork skills, along with improving confidence, self-esteem, and emotional resilience.

‘Inspire’: An objective within ‘Its Your Game’ is to equip participants with healthy, positive aspirations. To support this requires a sustainability plan that connects participants with other opportunities in their community that builds on the outcomes attained through the project. The Foundation will collaborate with the council’s sports, play, and arts team to engage the town’s community sports club network, inviting junior coaches to co-deliver within the weekly session to support pathways into regular club-based sessions.

Furthermore, as part of the Foundation’s citizenship focus, participants will be supported to access high quality volunteering opportunities that build their skill set and instil a long-term desire to ‘give back’ to their community.

We think this is a good project but want to know if local people think that it addresses the issues in their local area and should be funded. Click here to register your vote. Voting closes on 26th February.