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Commissioner announces new pilot grant scheme to improve road safety

Humberside Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC), Jonathan Evison is pleased to announce a new pilot grant scheme aimed at improving road safety.

The grant which will be made available to Town and Parish Councils, as well as other voluntary and community sector organisations, will enable the installation of additional Speed Indicator Devices to reduce instances of speeding and improve road safety across the region.

Speed Indicator Devices (SIDs) offer traffic management solutions which reduce vehicle speeds and create safer and cleaner roads. These electric signs display a speed or message when triggered by vehicles travelling at excessive speeds.

SIDs are intended to supplement rather than replace the traditional signs and are aimed at addressing road safety issues in specific locations.  Local Authorities have a limited number of SIDs which are deployed in locations across the area based on the top sites but with this approach there will always be areas which do not benefit from SIDs. 

This grant scheme pilot is initially making £25,000 available to support projects that clearly demonstrate that they offer an effective solution to improve road safety for local residents.  If successful, it is hoped that the scheme would be rolled out further in future. 

The pilot will provide up to 50% funding towards the cost of the purchase and installation of a SID.  The application is open on a rolling basis for projects that have secured approval from the relevant Local Authority.

PCC Jonathan Evison said, "I am committed to improving the safety of our region’s roads and see this grant scheme as a positive step forward in achieving this.  It will give local communities the opportunity to install SIDs in areas which are experiencing issues with excess speed but don’t have existing speed reduction measures in place.”

For more information on the SIDs Grant Scheme Pilot CLICK HERE

Posted on Friday 15th March 2024