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Humberside Police - Total Crime


Humberside-Police-Crest-CIIIR-Full-ColourThe Office for National Statistics (ONS) released the most recent recorded crime figures (to March 2023). The report found that:

-          Humberside Police crime has increased by 10.2% against a national average of a 4.5% increase.

-          Violent Crime increased by 6.8% with Violence With Injury showing a rise of 6.3% and the less serious Violence Without Injury increasing slightly by 1.9%. Stalking and Harrassment increased by 12.4% 

-          Sexual offences have increased by 12.4% across Humberside against an average of 0.7% increase nationally.

-          Drug offences in the region have decreased by 24.5% against a national decrease of 0.6%.

-          Possession of weapons offences increased by 21.2% against a national increase of 17.0%

-          Theft offences increased by 23.4% across the board, with thefts from a person increasing by 25.1%, burglary up by 13.3%, vehicle offences up by 18.3% and shop theft up by 37.9%.