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Humberside Police - Total Crime


On 28th April 2022 the Office for National Statistics (ONS) released the most recent recorded crime figures (to December 2021). The report found that:

-          Humberside Police crime has decreased by 2.2% against a national average of a 6.5% increase.

-          Sexual offences have dropped by 2.9% across Humberside against an average of 21.7% increase nationally.

-          Drug offences in the region have decreased by 3.1% against a national increase of 11% decrease.

-          Theft offences decreased by 14% across the board, with thefts from a person increasing by 4.8%, burglary down by 24.6%, vehicle offences down by 20.2% and shoplifting down by 15.8%.

On the data, Assistant Chief Constable Darren Downs said;

“I’m pleased to report that Humberside’s crime has reduced again this year, at a time when the nationally there has been an increase in crime. A large part of this achievement is undoubtedly due to our increased visibility, and our ongoing commitment to ensuring our communities feel safe and protected.

“We’ve seen burglary reduce by 24.6%, which we’re particularly pleased by. Offences of this nature have a huge impact on the victims, as they can leave them fearing for their safety, often in their own home, so to see declining crime rates is a great achievement. We continue to run various education and awareness campaigns relating to burglary which helps us ensure that the rates remain low.”

The report also highlighted that Humberside Police’s continued efforts into reducing drug-related crime in the area remains successful with drugs offences decreasing by 3.1%.
The proactive nature of Operation Galaxy has seen Humberside Police take the front foot when tackling drugs related criminality, ensuring that the region remains an undesirable place for those looking to trade illegal substances.

ACC Downs added;

“During the last 12 months, our Operation Galaxy team continues to work tirelessly to ensure that those involved in drugs related offences are dealt with. Through daily warrants, searches and arrests, the teams have effectively reduced the impact that drugs are having on our communities, and we can clearly see the results of that in the figures released today."

The report also observed a reduction in sexual crimes (down by 2.9%) with the latest awareness campaign Get Consent continuing to prove successful. The ‘Get Consent’ campaign reminds people to ask for consent when enjoying the night-time economy. The campaign was rolled out across social media and across all night-time venues in the region last year.

Summarising the report, Deputy Chief Constable, Paul Anderson said;

“We are a force on the front foot and are committed to retaining control of our streets and roads, ensuring the lives of criminals and predators are difficult and uncomfortable. Our teams work tirelessly and are wholly committed in tackling criminality across the Humberside force area. The priority for us will always be to ensure our communities feel safe and protected and this data affirms that we’re doing things right and continuing to travel in the right direction.”