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Withernsea Shortlisted Projects

Update: Voting closed on Wednesday 6th September - The successful project was Hull FC Foundation who received 251 out of 475 votes.

Blue Door E Gamers Arena – South Holderness Resource Centre

Blue Door Games WithernseaFollowing consultation by local youth groups in Withernsea, the Blue Door E Gamers Arena has been proposed which would see the development of an E Gamers arena located at the Blue Door Cafe in Valley gardens.  The Café is used by local youth clubs and seeks to attract young adults to engage in positive, constructive activities with experienced youth workers.

As a recognised area of deprivation many individuals cannot afford gaming resources, so providing access would provide in a positive setting would eliminate social isolation and the potential of them engaging in antisocial behaviour.  This project would enable the purchase of a range of equipment needed to set up the Arena.

It’s Your Game – Hull FC Rugby Community Sports and Education Foundation

Hull FC‘It's Your Game’ will use the power of sport to empower 80 young people aged nine to sixteen in Withernsea with skills, knowledge, and positive behaviours.  With sports participation at the core, participants will access a co-created personal development programme providing access to life skills workshops, volunteering, and social action through three personalised strands of activity.

Engage: Two ninety-minute sessions, one for children aged nine to eleven and the other for young people aged eleven to sixteen, will be delivered weekly from Hull Road Playing Fields.  Led by qualified and experienced youth professionals, the first hour will represent ‘Engage’, consisting of participant-led multi-sport activities that empower participants to get active, form relationships, and develop inter-personal skills, e.g. confidence. Young people will be in control of what activities they engage in, with coaches creating opportunities for peer-to-peer delivery that harnesses leadership skills.

Educate: Coaches will supplement physical activity with one-to-one and group workshops during the final thirty-minutes that explore conflict management, critical thinking, and activities that build resilience and instil better decision-making qualities.

‘Inspire’: A fundamental objective within ‘It's Your Game’ is to equip participants with healthy, positive aspirations. Through collaboration with Active Withernsea and the town’s community sports club network, the project will invite junior coaches to co-deliver within the weekly session to support pathways into regular club-based sessions. Participants will also be supported to access high quality volunteering opportunities that build their skill set and instil a long-term desire to ‘give back’ to their community. 

WiId With – Rewilding Youth

Wild West HillThe project will engage with 12-15 young people living on the Kirkfield Estate in Withernsea, specifically those who congregate on and around the Millenium Park and the Skate Park (Tracks) using nature connection activities such as bushcraft, green woodwork, foraging and environmental education to provide inspiring, motivating and sometimes challenging experiences for young people.  It focuses on supporting young people that are disengaged from education and getting involved in antisocial behaviour to develop their self-confidence, self-knowledge and self-esteem whilst learning new skills.  Previous work with a small group of young people has shown to have profound and transformative results on the lives of those young people. 

The 12-week programme will involve 12 x 3 hour weekly sessions consisting of group-based and individual outdoor learning and nature-based activity. Examples of activities include bushcraft, campfire cooking, wild walks, animal tracking, wild therapy, shelter-building, foraging, willow-weaving, green woodwork, natural art and much more...

At the end of the programme they will also offer the opportunity for the young people involved in the programme to go away with Rewilding Youth for 4 days on a wild camping trip in which they will consolidate and use all of the skills they have learnt throughout the programme in one of several locations in the Peak District, North Yorkshire and the Lake District.