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Longhill and Bilton Grange Shortlisted Projects

Update: Voting closed on Wednesday 6th September - The successful project was Creative Workshops on Alderman Kneeshaw Park who received 123 out of 215 votes.

Rewilding Hull: Longhill and Bilton Grange

Wild West HillThe project will engage with 12-15 young people living on the Longhill and Bilton Grange estates in Hull, specifically those who congregate on and around Alderman Kneeshaw Park and Barham Road shops using nature connection activities such as bushcraft, green woodwork, foraging and environmental education to provide inspiring, motivating and sometimes challenging experiences for young people.  It focuses on supporting young people that are disengaged from education and getting involved in antisocial behaviour to develop their self-confidence, self-knowledge and self-esteem whilst learning new skills.  Previous work with a small group of young people has shown to have profound and transformative results on the lives of those young people. 

The 12-week programme will involve 12 x 3 hour weekly sessions consisting of group-based and individual outdoor learning and nature-based activity. Examples of activities include bushcraft, campfire cooking, wild walks, animal tracking, wild therapy, shelter-building, foraging, willow-weaving, green woodwork, natural art and much more...

At the end of the programme they will also offer the opportunity for the young people involved in the programme to go away with Rewilding Youth for 4 days on a wild camping trip in which they will consolidate and use all of the skills they have learnt throughout the programme in one of several locations in the Peak District, North Yorkshire and the Lake District.

Creative Workshops on Alderman Kneeshaw Park – Friends of Alderman Kneeshaw Park

Kneeshaw ParkThe project seeks to engage the young people from this community, and give them a sense of place, connection and pride by running a series of workshops to develop creative skills, participation and teamwork. Workshops are proposed to be held on a Monday night from 5.30pm to 7.30pm starting late September 2023 through to end of March 2024. In this time resident artists would help develop and co-create a mural along with other art installations giving the young people connection and encouraging pride of place. It is hoped that, over time, opportunities to gather further ideas for future collaboration will emerge.

This project has been designed with young people at the heart of the project, will give a voice to the young people who access the park and help to gain an understanding of what they might want from the park. The final design of the mural would then be painted on the building the Friends of Alderman Kneeshaw operate from, as the young people will be involved in the design of this it is hoped they will have a sense of pride and ownership of their work.  The project is being supported by ‘Back to Ours’ so that the activity programme can be expanded to include other vibrant workshops which could include spray artists, demonstrating their skills, Stilt Walkers, D.J's, Street Theatre, Illuminations, other Artists and Stories plus much more.