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Bridlington South - Shortlisted Projects

Update: Voting closed at 9am on Tuesday 30th May - The successful project was Wild West Hill who received 441 out of 598 votes.

In a recent survey carried out by Humberside Police, residents in the south ward of Bridlington identified antisocial behaviour, particularly involving young people, as one of their main concerns. The Police and Crime Commissioner's Community Response Fund has shortlisted two projects aimed at addressing the issues identified and help reduce instances of antisocial behaviour in this part of the town.

The two projects are the subject to a public vote with the project receiving the highest number of votes being awarded the funding. They are:

Get Inspired – Hull KR Foundation

Get Inspired 1The Get Inspired project will provide a range of multi-sport sessions to help engage around 40 young people in physical activity through Boxing, Rugby League and Fitness activities between June and December.  Nutritional guidance sessions will take place featuring the making of smoothies, to support vitamin replenishment and rehydration. 

The project will take delivery into the local community transporting portable equipment to the venues using the ‘Get Inspired’ Van (community parks, recreational grounds, green spaces, estates) located in Bridlington South. The project aims to attract a wide variety of participants from different local neighbourhoods and communities, making the activities accessible to a diverse range of young people in the area.

Success for the wider community will see less instances of crime and anti-social behaviour, and an increase in community engagement. There will be an increase in sports participation and community involvement, restoring pride within neighbourhoods. As a result of delivering this project participants and members of the community will have increased respect for each other.

Wild West HillWild West Hill – Rewilding Youth

The Wild West Hill project will engage with 12-15 young people living on the West Hill housing estate in Bridlington using nature connection activities such as bushcraft, green woodwork, foraging and environmental education to provide inspiring, motivating and sometimes challenging experiences for young people.  It focuses on supporting young people that are disengaged from education and getting involved in antisocial behaviour to develop their self-confidence, self-knowledge and self-esteem whilst learning new skills.  Previous work with a small group of young people has shown to have profound and transformative results on the lives of those involved. 

The 12-week programme will involve 12 x 3-hour weekly sessions consisting of group-based and individual outdoor learning and nature-based activity. Examples of activities include bushcraft, campfire cooking, wild walks, animal tracking, wild therapy, shelter-building, foraging, willow-weaving, green woodwork, natural art and much more...

At the end of the programme they will also offer the opportunity for the young people involved in the programme to go away with Rewilding Youth for 4 days on a wild camping trip in which they will consolidate and use all of the skills they have learnt throughout the programme in one of several locations in the Peak District, North Yorkshire and the Lake District.