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Key National Priorities for Policing

M_and_G_Photographic_00034 - resizeThe Home Office has developed a range of National Crime and Policing Measures to help focus effort on key national priorities, allowing performance to be measured and help to demonstrate value for money in policing.  The Government has been clear that they must achieve significant reductions in crime and restore the public’s confidence in the criminal justice system.

How our local priorities will contribute towards the national priorities

Our Police and Crime Plan priorities takes account of the national priorities through a focus on a number of local outcomes including: 

  • Reducing the impact of drugs on our communities
  • Reducing high-harm offending/reoffending by working together to protect the most vulnerable in society
  • Education and support for young people, preventing them being impacted by crime
  • Reduced harm through sustainable interventions aimed at domestic abuse perpetrators
  • Greater trust and confidence in urban, rural and coastal areas
  • Organisations equipped to respond to evolving crime issues
  • Place-based approaches that respond to community safety issues
  • Better partnership working 

What the National Crime and Policing Measures area and what they do 

  • Designed to support the police role in the Government’s crime reduction ambition, understanding that the police cannot achieve this ambition alone.
  • Address key priorities: murder, serious violence, domestic abuse, neighbourhood crime and drugs supply/county lines.
  • Measured at a national level using metrics such as the Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW) to minimise the administrative burden on forces and respect their autonomy.
  • Create an expectation of significant improvements within 3 years, showing clear improvements against indicators.
  • Include a range of metrics to reduce risk of over-prioritisation and perverse incentives – reflecting as far as possible the breadth of crime activity with which the police are faced.

The national measures are as follows: 

Priority Area

National Metric

Data Source

Reduce murder and other homicide


Police Recorded

Reduce serious violence

Hospital admissions of under 25s for assault with a sharp object


Offences involving discharge of a firearm

Police Recorded

Disrupt drugs supply and county lines

Drug-related homicides

Police Recorded

Police referrals into drug treatment

Public Health England

Reduce neighbourhood crime

Burglary, robbery, theft of and from a vehicle, theft from a person

Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW)

Improve satisfaction among victims, with a particular focus on victims of domestic abuse

Satisfaction with the police among victims of domestic abuse

Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW)

Victim satisfaction with the police

Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW)

Tackle cyber crime

Confidence in the law enforcement response to cyber crime

Cyber Aware Tracker

Percentage of businesses experiencing a cyber breach or attack

Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport survey

Where we are at locally

Click here to read the latest Humberside Police performance data against National Policing Measures