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Victims Code - Definition

Who is a ‘victim’ under this Code?

- a person who has suffered harm, including physical, mental or emotional harm or economic loss which was directly caused by a criminal offence;

- a close relative (or a nominated family spokesperson) of a person whose death was directly caused by a criminal offence.

You can also receive Rights under this Code if you are:

 - a parent or guardian of the victim if the victim is under 18 years of age; or

 - a nominated family spokesperson if the victim has a mental impairment or has been so badly injured because of a criminal offence that they are unable to communicate or lacks the capacity to do so.

All service providers must have the victim’s best interests as their primary consideration and take the victim’s age, maturity, views, needs and concerns fully into account.

Legal persons (e.g. businesses or other enterprises such as charities) are not included within the definition of a victim. However, businesses and other enterprises such as charities can receive the services in this Code.

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