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Scrutiny Volunteers

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The Ethics of Good Policing

Community engagement and involvement is fundamental to good policing in this country.

The role of the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) is to be the voice of the people and hold the police to account.  The Humberside PCC has established an independent Ethics and Scrutiny Board that works with Humberside Police as one mechanism to achieve this aim. 

This Board meets regularly with Humberside Police to ask questions, raise concerns or communicate support on behalf of local people.  This includes, for example, the use of stop and search powers, use of force or how the police protect and support people who have been victims of hate crimes such as racist, homophobic, gender-based or religious violence and discrimination.

The activities of the Board are supported by two separate scrutiny panels. Local volunteers from all walks of life, geographic areas and with lived experience make up the scrutiny panels.  One panel focuses on the use of police powers and stop and search, the other on hate crimes.    These volunteers scrutinise police policies, training, practices and recording of incidents.  Questions and concerns raised by the panels are submitted to the Board for the force’s leadership to explain, take action and provide reassurance as required.   

The Board is led by an independently appointed Chair and attended by senior police officers, the leads for both scrutiny panels, staff associations and representatives from the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner. 

Together, all members of the Board strive to ensure that policing is undertaken fairly, respectfully and to the highest possible standard.  

The ambition of the Board is to share examples of good policing, identify emerging issues and represent the community perspective.

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The PCC is keen that the Ethics and Scrutiny Board is able to understand questions about police practice, concerns or how the force is effectively supporting communities from as many people and groups that it can reach.   If you would like the Board to raise questions or pass on the views of local people about policing or crime in your community please email us at:

All information will be treated confidentially but this is not a route to either report or to make a complaint against police (instead contact Humberside Police on 101).