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Independent Custody Visitors

The Office of the Humberside Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC) has a team of volunteers drawn from all walks of life who carry out the role of Independent Custody Visitor.

 DSC0152Our valued custody visitors are volunteers from local communities who reside within the Humberside Police area of the East Riding of Yorkshire, Hull, North East Lincolnshire and North Lincolnshire. They make unannounced visits (in pairs) to police custody in Hull and Grimsby, monitoring the welfare of people in detention.

Our volunteers check on conditions in custody suites, speak to detainees in police cells about their treatment and follow up any concerns raised in relation to detainee welfare and treatment.

Click here to see some recent issues that ICV's have raised 

Our custody visiting scheme is independent of the police and anyone aged 18 years and above may apply, providing that they are not employed by, or related to those employed by, the police, OPCC, magistrates or solicitors (to prevent conflict of interest). Travel expenses are reimbursed and training is provided.

Custody visiting schemes are supported by ICVA, the Independent Custody Visiting Association, which is a member of the UK National Preventative Mechanism (NPM).

This video gives an overview of the work of an Independent Custody Visitor and shows the importance of their work both to the OPCC and Humberside Police. ICV's provide valuable scrutiny and oversight to enable Humberside Police to maintain their custody facilites at a high standard. 

We are currently seeking additional Custody Visitors in our area to visit our Hull and Grimsby Custody Suites. If you are interested in applying to join the scheme, click the links below for further information. Please submit an application form accompanied by the monitoring form.


Independent Custody Visitor Role Profile

Application Form 

Monitoring Form

Monitoring Form (plain text version)

Click here to view the most recent inspection (2017) of Humberside Police custody suites by HM Inspectorate of Prisons and HMICFRS 

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