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Delivery Plan

The Humberside OPCC Delivery Plan 2022-23

Welcome to the OPCC Delivery Plan fot the year 2022-23. This document is the annual summary for how the OPCC team work effectively towards achieving the aims of the Police and Crime Plan.  It is the intention that this document is an operational one and it forms the basis of how the team both create and are provided strategic direction.

The Delivery Plan serves to inform the public and the Police and Crime Panel of the planned work programme of the OPCC for the coming year and provides an overview of the activities undertaken to ensure an effective office that supports the PCC to exercise his duties effectively.

In line with our office ethos to use a system of outcome based planning this Plan details the outputs or products that the team seek to achieve over and above anything recognised as ongoing or business as usual.  

To view the OPCC Delivery Plan click the image below 

DP 2022-23