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Commissioning and Grants

What is Commissioning?

Grant-BidThe Police and Crime Commissioner has commissioning powers and funding to help him to cut crime and improve community safety. He will commission services and award grants to organisations or bodies that he considers will support the community safety priorities in his Police and Crime Plan. He will work effectively with other local leaders in the area, who can also provide resources.

The Commissioner will also work to influence how all parties prioritise and bring together their resources to tackle local problems. He can pool funding with other local partners and have flexibility to decide how resources are used.

The Commissioner will look to develop solutions with partners on a range of crime and health issues including local authorities who will have responsibility for establishing Health and Wellbeing Boards. Joint efforts to tackle mental health, drugs and alcohol issues not only have immediate benefits for the health sector, they will have benefits for policing and community safety as the links between public health and crime are readily acknowledged.

Current funding arrangements

The Commissioner implemented new funding arrangements from April 2017, so that the available funds are controlled for distribution at a more local level, intending to ensure a fairer distribution across the whole Humber area.

Arrangements within each Local Authority area may vary as procedures have been developed locally by each Community Safety Partnership. We have provided details of how to apply for funding, click the links below for the relevant Local Authority area. 

North East Lincolnshire


East Riding Of Yorkshire


North Lincolnshire


Kingston upon Hull