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Grimsby and Beverley to benefit from funding to cut crime and anti-social behaviour

The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Humberside in partnership with North East Lincolnshire Council and East Riding of Yorkshire Council have been successful in yet another bid into the Home Office Safer Streets Fund.

The funding will bring £841,000 of investment into our region to increase the safety of residents and tackle serious acquisitive crime, specifically in the East Marsh area of Grimsby (£750,000) and the Flemingate area of Beverley (£91,000). The funding is aimed at improving the safety of public spaces for all, through a range of innovative and traditional prevention measures, CCTV, improved street lighting and creative interventions to tackle crime and divert people into more positive behaviour.

The latest successful funding bid comes on the back of earlier investment in Grimsby’s West Marsh in 2021 and the Westcliff Estate in Scunthorpe in 2020, both schemes have seen positive benefits for residents and helped to improve community safety.

Police and Crime Commissioner Jonathan Evison said: “I am delighted my office has worked in partnership with both Councils to secure this funding which I hope will be of great benefit to residents. It will deliver initiatives that will prevent and reduce crimes and anti-social behaviour, improving the security of the community and making a sustainable change for everyone living and working there.”

Councillor Ron Shepherd, portfolio holder for safer and stronger communities at North East Lincolnshire Council, said: "We are really committed to improving people’s lives and we are thrilled with the funding provided by the Home Office. This will help the Council, Police and our partners to do even more to stamp out crime within our borough.

“Most recently in the West Marsh, Safer Streets funding was used to improve CCTV and street lighting, clear private alleyways and equip residents with additional security measures to reduce the threat from crime.

“This is about making sure that our residents can go about their lives without the fear of crime and anti-social behaviour."

An East Riding of Yorkshire Council spokesperson said: “Partners including the Police, Council, residents and voluntary sector organisations like the Cherry Tree centre and ERVAS have been working collaboratively over the past year to support other residents, young people and local services to overcome difficulties around anti-social behaviour and other ongoing issues in the vicinity of the Flemingate and Grovehill areas of Beverley.

“To support with this ongoing work the East Riding Community Safety Partnership has secured Safer Streets funding that will aim to support the Beverley Youth Partnership to continue their work around delivering a variety of inclusive and participatory activities and events for young people in the area over the coming two years. We hope that by working together to develop a bespoke approach to the area a similar model can be used to support partners in our other communities across the East Riding.”

Posted on Monday 25th July 2022