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Funding for Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Services

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The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Humberside OPCC has been successful in a grant application to the Ministry of Justice to enhance the provision of services in the community for people affected by Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence. The total grant of £1.2m will run over a three-year period and comprises £753,000 to fund and develop existing services in the community with an additional £447,000 to support specialist Independent Domestic Violence Advisors (IDVAs).

The grant will fund the following six organisations to work in partnership with Humberside Police and key partners to tackle Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence across the Humber area:

  1. The Blue Door - North and North East Lincolnshire; 2x children and family IDVA’s and 1.5x Independent Sexual Violence Advisors, delivering outreach support and advice in community and education settings.
  2. The Hollie Gazzard Trust – The Hollie Guard App, promoting women’s safety including Domestic Abuse, stalking victims and safeguarding against sexual violence.
  3. Remedi UK - Humberside SHARE and Cease programme. Focussing on Domestic Abuse practitioners working with children and young adults, education and prevention opportunities with schools and educational settings.
  4. AAFDA (Advocacy After Fatal Domestic Abuse) - AAFDA provide support following domestic homicide/suicide.  In particular the focus on supporting children who have witnessed Domestic Abuse within the family or have been left bereaved following a Domestic Homicide or Domestic Abuse related suicide. The service has an ability to support police and other key agencies in identification and support following Domestic Abuse related suicide cases.
  5. Trauma Centre East Riding and Hull - Therapeutic support is in high demand across Humberside, particularly working with children, young people and adult survivors. The service covers young people and both male and female survivors of Sexual Violence and is cognisant of additional needs. The funding includes a psychological therapist for children and young people.
  6. Victim Support – Children and Young Person’s Victim Care and Domestic Abuse Advocate. Provision will be targeted in Hull, an area identified as in need within the Domestic Abuse profile. 

Police and Crime Commissioner Jonathan Evison said: “I am delighted that this latest application to the Ministry of Justice has been successful, this grant will ensure that services for those affected by Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence are sustained and improved even further. I said when I was elected that I wanted to see more investment in our region to fund vital services and this is more evidence of our hard work delivering results. This grant will help to build resilience and capacity within a very important workforce into future years and focus activities on interventions that significantly impact on local crime levels and people’s lives.”


Posted on Thursday 14th July 2022