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Funding awards for Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence services


The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner have been successful in securing over £380,000 of funding from the Home Office for support and intervention services regarding Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence.  

Three separate bids, submitted by the PCC’s office working with partners including Humberside Police and The Blue Door, were all granted to increase the support available locally and will make significant interventions in supporting people affected by these crimes and seek to reduce future offences. The funding awards are:

£200,000 from the Home Office Domestic Abuse Perpetrator Fund for specialised services related to Child and Adolescent to Parent Violence (CAPV) – A successful programme has already been running on the South Bank of the Humber, this funding will complement and enhance that service to provide a wider pool of practitioners equipped to deliver the service for this area of increasing demand across the whole Humber region working with the four local authorities. CAPV was previously called ‘Battered Parent Syndrome’, where children are being abusive and/or violent to their parents and the programme aims to change behaviour in the young people and adults and rebalance the parent/child relationship in the family.

£56,000 from the Ministry of Justice Critical Support Fund for ISVA/IDVA posts and Male Rape Support Services – This funding will provide support for our partner agency The Blue Door to fund peer advocacy for male victims, supporting and counselling those affected by these crimes. This will include specialist support for male victims of rape.

£126,500 from the Home Office STAR (Science, Technology and Research) Fund for Audio Recording Domestic Abuse Alarms – Working in partnership with the University of Hull and Humberside Police, this funding will allow the delivery of a feasibility study into the provision of equipment to be installed in the homes of at-risk people affected by Domestic Abuse. The technology, audio recording-enabled domestic abuse alarms (AREDAA) constantly records the audio in a room and links to the police control room when an alert button is pressed. The recording, which would include the build-up to the incident before the alert is activated, can be used in evidence where an incident of Domestic Abuse takes place, giving an increased opportunity for the arrest and charge of perpetrators.

Police and Crime Commissioner Jonathan Evison said: “Abuse and Violence takes many forms and needs specialist services to provide the right support to those affected, and also to deal with the perpetrators of abuse and violence to reduce the likelihood of it happening again. I hope this funding will help to address some of these issues and protect those who need it most.

“It is important that we start to shift some of our focus to addressing the perpetrators of these offences and securing more convictions against those who inflict suffering on vulnerable people, which often happens in a domestic or family setting. This will be a key part of my Police and Crime Plan when it is published in the Autumn.” 

Posted on Thursday 19th August 2021