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Funding awarded to tackle violent crime in Humber region

Police Car

The Home Office has today announced that Humberside Police will receive up to £390,000 of ‘Hotspot Policing’ funding to tackle violent crime.

Hotspot Policing uses data to identify specific locations where serious violence is most likely to occur and focusses police activity to carry out regular, visible patrols and problem solving in those hotspots.

The funding award begins immediately and runs under April 2022. An ongoing evaluation will take place to analyse the impact and measure any reduction in incidents of serious violence. The funding application was made by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner on behalf of Humberside Police who will receive the funds to carry out the operational work required.

Following the announcement by the Minister, Police and Crime Commissioner Jonathan Evison said: “I’m delighted to have secured this funding from the Home Office which I hope will make a significant impact on violent crime in the Humber region.

“The Humberside Police area covers a large geographical spread but incidents of violent crime tend to be concentrated in a small number of hotspot areas. We already know from incident data where these locations are, and this funding will enable the force to increase patrols where they are most needed and make our neighbourhoods safer for all our residents and businesses.”  

Humberside Police Chief Superintendent Darren Wildbore said: “The provisional funding we may receive from the Home Office would assist Humberside Police in providing fundamental services to our local communities and aid us in tackling serious violence.

“With support from the Police and Crime Commissioner we aim to proactively identify violence hotspots across our area in a bid to protect the communities we serve.

“The additional funding opens windows of opportunity for us together with the wider community to identify and safeguard vulnerable members of the community targeted by these violent criminals.

“Your information helps us to build up the wider picture and take action against those involved in crime, helping to ensure this remains a great place to live, work and visit.”

Posted on Friday 17th September 2021