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New film aims to raise awareness of young people who go missing

Missed me logoThe Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner and Safer Hull Partnership have launched a new film to raise the awareness of the dangers faced by young people when they go missing.

‘Missed Me?’ is the latest film developed as part of the Not In Our Community (NIOC) anti-grooming campaign, funded by the PCC, that helps young people protect themselves and friends against grooming that can lead to sexual and criminal exploitation.

The film tells the intertwining stories of four young people through which the viewer learns about the push and pull factors leading to the dangerous situations Billy, Tabby, Rosie and Lisa find themselves in. It is hoped that the film will raise awareness of the reasons behind young people going missing and present them as victims rather than perpetrators of crime or the cause of situations including poor mental health, sexual and criminal exploitation.

Using money from the Early Intervention Youth Fund, the Safer Hull Partnership have commissioned the short film in response to the number of young people going missing in Hull and the risk this poses to those young people. It focuses on why children and young people in Hull might go missing and is based on real cases locally.

The film aims to help young people and communities understand that there is often more to the story and how each of us can have a role to play in being the ears and eyes of the community.

Whilst the film was funded by the Safer Hull Partnership and is shot on location in areas within the city (Pearson Park, West Park and also Orchard Park estate), the issues highlighted within the film are national issues and like all NIOC resource, the film is relevant and is encouraged to be used across the Humber area.

Watch the film below