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New home schooling resource to protect young people from grooming on-line

Protecting children from Grooming during Covid 19

Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for Humberside, Keith Hunter, has today launched a new home schooling resource to support parents and guardians in protecting their children from grooming.

During the Covid-19 lockdown, across our communities those children with access will be spending more time online, potentially putting themselves at risk from online threats. In response the PCC and his office (OPCC) want to reach out to all parents/carers and youth engagement professionals across the area, to alert them to online threats and are working with Eskimosoup, a local Social Marketing Company, to develop a new ‘home learning section’ on the Not In Our Community (NIOC) website.

NIOC is an established local anti-grooming campaign, funded by the PCC, that helps young people protect themselves and friends against grooming that can lead to sexual and criminal exploitation. The campaign co-creates media with young people, including those who have suffered through involvement, resulting in impactful films, photo stories, interactive challenges, plays, lesson plans and Q&As which are normally focused to education settings.

In light of the lockdown the OPCC worked with Eskimosoup to tailor the media and made it available via a new ‘home learning section’ on the Not In Our Community website. In addition a leaflet has been produced outlining the online risk of grooming, signposting them to this resource and to the wider support available.

Keith Hunter said “The lockdown has placed many pressures upon society. One area we can’t afford to overlook is the impact that this situation is inevitably having on our children. From the absent routine of going to school, structured learning and support from teachers, to accessing healthy school meals and seeing their friends – all are being felt by children across the country. Those who have access will also be spending an increased time on mobile phones, devices and gaming portals.

“This increased online activity comes with an increased risk for young people. To mitigate this I am reaching out to all parents to alert them to these dangers and highlight the unique package of home education support available to them. Education is power and prevention is key”.

Please visit to download the materials referred to and to access films and more information.

Download a leaflet with information on protecting your child from grooming during Covid-19 by clicking here.

Protecting your child from grooming

Posted on Monday 11th May 2020