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High Court Judicial Review - Statement from the Commissioner

KH - Grimsby portrait

Following the High Court Judicial Review on Friday 14th February involving Humberside Police, Commissioner Keith Hunter has issued the following statement:

“How Humberside Police deploy their resources is an operational decision for the Chief Constable and my personal views can never be a factor in such decisions. It has taken a high court decision to state that the action taken by the force and which is standard practice in many forces should not continue. That practice was arrived at by Police Chiefs and the College of Policing.

“It is not the role of individual PCCs to attempt to circumvent that and it would be a breach of statute to do so. I take very seriously the decision of the court and will ensure the force now comply with whatever guidance is issued in the wake of this.”

The statement from Humberside Police is HERE


Posted on Monday 17th February 2020