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Commissioner thanks volunteers for helping to make our area safer


Today marks the start of Volunteers Week (1st-7th June) and the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner like many organisations really values the contribution of the areas volunteers. 

Police and Crime Commissioner for Humberside Keith Hunter said “Volunteers play a huge role across the whole Humber area and make a big difference to the work of the Humberside Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC), the police, partner organisations engaged in contributing directly towards community safety, charities, or within the wider community as members of neighbours’ groups or community organisations.

“It would be impossible for any of these organisation to tackle crime, support vulnerable members of the community and respond to local issues without the help of volunteers. They bring unique skills and experience to their villages, towns and cities and undoubtedly improve and extend support and services linked to community safety to the public.

“The support and dedication of volunteers to make our neighbourhoods better places to live. Never has this been more apparent than now when people are doing so much to support those most vulnerable to Covid-19 and undoubtedly without this help communities would be even more affected by the lockdown and really suffering.

“Speaking direct to all volunteers, I would like to say a big thank you for giving up your time and making a difference and please accept that although you may feel your efforts are unappreciated at times, there are a great many of us who truly recognise and value what you do on an ongoing basis. “

Volunteers who directly support the work of the OPCC include:

  • Independent Custody Visitors - Custody Visitors are people drawn from local communities who carry out unannounced visits to police custody suites in their areas to check and report on the welfare of people being held there. Visitors check on conditions in custody, speak to detainees and follow up any concerns they raise about their welfare.
  • Diversity Panel Members - The OPCC Diversity Panel is a scrutiny and advisory board comprised of diverse members across the Humber area. Members act as ‘critical friends’ and assists the OPCC in providing scrutiny and assurance on key areas of work within Humberside Police, our three local prisons, Victim Support and other local criminal justice agencies.
  • Joint Independent Audit Committee Members – These volunteers have oversight of general governance matters and provides comment on any new or amended PCC policies and strategies with regard to financial risk and probity.
  • Appropriate Adults – Hull University Students attend the custody suite at Clough Road, Hull and provide support for vulnerable adults who have been detained. Their presence during the custody process helps to ensure that the vulnerable person understands what is happening to them, giving vital support at a difficult time.

If anyone is interested in finding out more about volunteer opportunities with the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner contact us on

Get more information on National Volunteers Week click here.
Posted on Monday 1st June 2020