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Commissioner thanks Volunteer workforce


Today is Volunteer Recognition Day. At the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner we'd like to say a special thank you all volunteers everywhere who are doing amazing work during the current pandemic. We'd also like to recognise the excellent work of our own volunteers involved in Custody Visiting, our Diversity Panel and our Appropriate Adult scheme for all they do throughout the year.  

Commissioner Keith Hunter said: Volunteer Recognition Day has fallen during this unprecedented national emergency when we are rightly lauding the efforts of our health and care service workers, but at the same time so many of us are relying on volunteers to an extent not seen in generations. We can all now see more clearly what many do not normally recognise and which so often occurs behind the headlines; volunteers are a vital, and often heroic, key feature of our day to day lives and so often the glue that binds parts of our society together.

In the police service our Special Constables have risen to this current challenge along with our other volunteers shared with Humberside Fire and Rescue Service, and are providing fantastic support to our communities. In my office, our own volunteers assist us greatly in scrutiny of police work and supporting the vulnerable, but today is a day to recognise ALL volunteers and say thank you. We need you now more than ever and when we are through the worst of this and look back, every one of you should feel a sense of pride and the country will owe you a huge debt of gratitude.

If you are interested in volunteering opportunities in Humberside Police and the OPCC please click here

Some local authorities are recruiting volunteers during the Covid-19 panademic. You can find this and other information for where you live here 



Posted on Monday 20th April 2020