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Additional Covid Emergency Funding secured to support victims


Police and Crime Commissioner for Humberside, Keith Hunter, has secured an additional £82,000 funding from the Ministry of Justice to support victims of some of the most serious crimes throughout the coming winter, when demand on services is traditionally at its highest.

Across England and Wales during the pandemic there has been a significant increase in the number of people accessing support for Sexual Violence and Domestic Abuse. Charities have reported a sharp increase in demand since the start of the first lockdown, including a 46% rise in calls nationally, with some victims feeling at greater risk of harm or deciding to report abuse for the first time. In addition to the increase in demand, due to the first lockdown there has been a surge in people attending Courts and this is adding increased strain to individuals and the workforce.

To meet this demand the funding will be used to provide additional resources to the workforce to build resilience and reduce the impact of increased demand and trial listings.  

Many who access these services have suffered extensive trauma, often not just in the abusive relationship but also in earlier relationships and in childhood. This funding will also support services in providing additional support to help deal with trauma and secure emergency accommodation and essentials such as food parcels.

Among the specific measures in our area to be supported as part of this funding are:

  • Additional Domestic Abuse practitioners - Victim Support and Preston Road Women’s Centre (Hull)
  • Additional sexual violence practitioner – The Blue Door CiC
  • Additional counselling and trauma support – Together Women Project
  • Investment in Police Force control room, Early Engagement approach to meet domestic abuse demand- The Blue Door CiC
  • Funding for emergency accommodation and food parcels – Hull Homeless Community Project

Police and Crime Commissioner Keith Hunter said: “I am committed to putting victims and the most vulnerable at the heart of everything we do. This funding clearly honours this commitment. At the start of the first lockdown we secured over £300,000 from Government to support the most vulnerable victims and those experiencing the highest harm as a result of the pandemic.

“This is a continuation of the pledge and will ensure that those suffering from some of the most serious crimes can continue to access support to help them escape their ordeal and rebuild their lives, free from abuse”.


Posted on Thursday 19th November 2020