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A Christmas message from PCC Keith Hunter

DSC_0057We approach Christmas and the traditional festive season this year with the whole world having been significantly shaken during the past 10 months or so. Things we took for granted as being basic freedoms or had come to think of as almost entitlements, have been taken from us as we have all worked to contain the worst excesses of Covid 19. Many loved ones are no longer with us and innumerable others have lost jobs or are worried they may do so as the effects of the damage to the economy continue to cause problems into the future. We should all give some time to reflect on the lives disrupted and the loss felt by so many across the country and, indeed, the world.

The news of vaccines beginning to be distributed should give us all hope that our health, at least, may be at less immediate risk in the near future. There is currently, however, still a significant risk to health and to the ability of our health services to care for the ill if we do not take seriously the continuing threat Covid presents. For that reason I hope you will consider carefully how you celebrate Christmas and enjoy the festivities this year.

The officers, staff and volunteers of Humberside Police have worked hard throughout this year attempting to engage with communities and work with them to keep us all safe. Dealing with criminality, anti-social behaviour and the impact of Covid on every aspect of police activity has been a major challenge but, in addition, so much of what the force does, largely unseen, in protecting vulnerable people from those who prey on them has been massively impacted by lockdown and restrictions. My office, the OPCC, has also continued working, ensuring that the Force are in tune with their communities and that services for victims are capable of providing essential support during these changed and challenging times.

It has been a tough year but one that has seen your local police service illustrate the great strides forward it has made in recent years. When you are celebrating during this brief period of respite over Christmas, your police service will still be out there working to keep you safe. It's what they do, often with little thanks or recognition.

I hope people will be a bit more reflective this year in recognition of the unprecedented period we are living through, so perhaps you can all give some thought to our police officers, staff and volunteers, but also our health-care workers and all the others in the public and private sector who ensure we are kept safe, healthy, provided with access to food and fuel and who provide all the real essentials that we perhaps may have taken for granted, before Covid opened our eyes to the fragility of day-to-day life as we know it.

I wish you all a peaceful and happy Christmas and festive period.