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Volunteers Recognised at Event

Volunteers EventTo mark Volunteers Week 2019 we held a Thank You event on Saturday 1st June to recognise the many members of the public who give up their time to support the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner in our work. Presentations were given from each aspect of our volunteers and Commissioner Keith Hunter personally thanked all those present   

These include: 

  • Independent Custody Visitors
  • Diversity Panel Members
  • Joint Independent Audit Committee (JIAC) Members
  • Appropriate Adults from Hull University Social Services Organisation 

Keith Hunter said: “I was delighted to say a huge ‘thank-you’ to our volunteers for helping to make the Humberside Police area a safer place to live, as National Volunteers' Week kicked off on June 1st

“Volunteers help in all walks of life - but across the whole Humber area they really are making a big difference whether this is as volunteers within my own organisation, the Humberside Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC), Humberside Police, partner organisations engaged in contributing directly towards community safety, charities, or within the wider community as members of neighbours’ groups or community organisations. 

“Undoubtedly policing needs to put the community at the heart of everything it does and it would be impossible for Humberside Police to tackle crime, support vulnerable members of the community and respond to local issues without the help of volunteers, they all play a really important part. Each volunteer brings with them unique skills and experience which makes a difference in the villages, towns and cities across the Humber area and enables the police and other community safety partners to do more to improve and extend support and services available to the public. 

“I am hugely appreciative of the support and dedication of all those who volunteer to make our communities safer, support those who are vulnerable and work tirelessly in their own time to make their neighbourhoods better places to live. We truly recognise and value what they do on an ongoing basis.” 

Get more information on National Volunteers Week at

Matt Wright from our Engagement Team spoke to some of our volunteers about their work:

Ibi is a member of our Diversity Panel

Paul is an Independent Custody Visitor

Jim is a member of the JIAC