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Secondment of Chief Constable

CC Lee Freeman

Chief Constable Lee Freeman

Humberside Police and Crime Commissioner Keith Hunter has today agreed the temporary secondment of Chief Constable Lee Freeman to Cleveland Police for three months, with immediate effect. 

Keith Hunter said: “We are happy to assist Cleveland Police with this interim arrangement. 

“The progress of Humberside Police in such a relatively short space of time under Lee’s leadership has been widely recognised on a national level. The approach by Cleveland Police is a ringing endorsement of the reputation this force is forging on a national level and will assist Cleveland in the short term until they appoint a new Chief Constable. 

“It is important at times of need that forces assist each other and this should be seen in that light. Lee’s commitment to Humberside Police is undiminished and the disruption to his personal circumstances should not be ignored whilst he assists Cleveland Police. I have full confidence in the strength in depth of our current team and the progress of Humberside Police will not be interrupted. There will be no financial cost to our force.  

“During the secondment period Lee will still have a strategic involvement with Humberside Police and we look forward to his return to continue the good work he has undertaken so far. 

“Deputy Chief Constable Chris Rowley will step up to become Temporary Chief Constable of Humberside Police during this time, assuming operational responsibility for the Force.”







Posted on Monday 21st January 2019