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Police Funding Announcement


The Government today announced the provisional Police Grant Settlement for 2019/20. Full details can be viewed HERE

Police and Crime Commissioner Keith Hunter commented:

"I welcome today’s funding announcement from the Policing Minister. It appears the Government have listened to the intense lobbying from all Police and Crime Commissioners and Chief Constables across the country, supported by members of Parliament, and recognised that police forces are facing increasing demands putting a huge strain on hard working and dedicated officers and staff.

"The funding announced today will offset the previously announced pension deficit which would have severely impacted on our existing plans, but it is disappointing we had to shout so loudly to have our voices heard by Government.

"The bulk of the funding announced today, more than half, will only come about by PCC’s raising taxes locally to pay for it. The Government will claim credit for giving policing a major boost, but in reality they have merely passed the buck to hard-pressed local taxpayers once again to provide the lion’s share of it.  

"We will now take some time to work through the detail of today’s announcement and review our financial plans to ensure we continue the path of growth and improvement Humberside Police is currently experiencing."




Posted on Thursday 13th December 2018