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Keith Hunter - Reaction to ASB news report


Local media outlets have today being reporting on the issues of Anti-Social Behaviour in the Humberside Police force area following a speech in Parliament by Emma Hardy MP. Police and Crime Commissioner Keith Hunter made the following statement earlier today:    

“While locally reports of anti-social behaviour are reducing, the impact of those incidents seems to be growing. The causes are down to many factors, including cuts to support services for families and young people over a number of years and, I believe, an imbalanced justice system and an education system that all too often fails those most likely to cause problems . Anti-social behaviour cannot be solved by the police alone. 

“Humberside Police have introduced Early Intervention teams to work with young people on the cusp of criminality and we are seeing some positive results there but even with the local increase of over 350  police officers all services that work to prevent this are stretched to breaking point.  Police numbers are still lower than they were 10 years ago and demand has increased.

“The Government is passing the buck and putting forward the ridiculous argument that there is no direct link between police numbers and crime but Government funding to Humberside Police has been reducing in real terms year on year expecting local tax payers to fill the gap. Every MP should be supporting this call for the Government to wake up and accept their responsibility to support law and order.“



Posted on Tuesday 9th October 2018