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New Humber Watch Association Launched

Humber Watch Launch - 20170613

PCC Keith Hunter, Insp. Tim Harvey and members of the new Humber Watch Association

We are delighted to announce that all the organisations that support Neighbourhood Watch Groups in the Humberside Police area have come together to form a Humber Watch Association.

This will allow each organisation – in Hull, East Yorkshire, North Lincolnshire and North East Lincolnshire (NEL) – to come together in sharing good practice; developing a collective approach to addressing issues affecting local Neighbourhood Watch Groups; improving possible access to funding and developing long term strategies to increase wider community participation across the region.

The formation of a Humber Watch Association will help them to develop more effective working with the police and for strategies to be aligned to keep communities safe and involve the public in creating safer neighbourhoods.

The constituted association will also allow the community representatives to proactively contribute to both national and local events promoting Neighbourhood Watch, encouraging both existing new schemes and encouraging new growth. Whilst assisting each area in coordinating events during national Neighbourhood Watch week and times of the year when community safety messages are appropriate or to tackle crime trends.

The move to a wider partnership follows national guidance from National Neighbourhood Watch which states “Neighbourhood Watch Associations are key in maintaining the impetus of the Neighbourhood Watch movement at local level. Their role includes providing guidance and where necessary, policies on the details of how Neighbourhood Watch operates within their area. This includes things like deciding any processes new schemes need to follow and maintaining a good working relationship with the police at force level.”

Sarah & Lucy from the Neighbourhood Network which supports groups in Hull said: “We are really excited about the Humber Watch Association and the opportunities for joint initiatives with the other representatives. By working closer together I am sure we can make the area a safer, healthier and happier place for people to live and work.”

Glyn Atkinson, Chair of Marshall Avenue and Little Michael Street Neighbourhood Watch, Member of the NEL Safer & Stronger Communities Strategy Group and Vice Chair of Humber Watch Association representing NEL said: "I am delighted to be part of the newly formed Humber Watch Association, covering the neighbourhood safety needs of four local authority areas. I believe that the role Humber Watch could potentially fulfil will greatly benefit community safety, and with some pooled resources decrease demand on the police, by lowering criminal and anti-social behaviours with combined campaigns".

Inspector Tim Harvey, Neighbourhood Watch lead for Humberside Police said: “The assistance provided to police by Neighbourhood Watch groups across the force area should never be under-estimated, as they plays a significant and vital role in keeping communities safe and reducing crime. I am sure that having the Humber Watch Association will help in coordinating activity to keep communities safe, empower residents in keeping them and their properties safe and increasing the flow of community information about crime and anti-social behaviour being passed to authorities.

“I am keen to see Neighbourhood Watches grow across the area and would strongly encourage residents to get involved by joining existing groups or forming new groups if they don’t already exist.”

Keith Hunter, Humberside Police and Crime Commissioner said: “I am delighted to see the launch of the Humber Watch Association. One of the aims of my Police and Crime Plan is to deliver increasingly self-sustaining and safe communities. I want to encourage residents to take a more active role in shaping the services they receive and Neighbourhood Watch is a vital part of that.

“Since Neighbourhood Watch first began decades ago, technology has moved on apace and there are now many more ways residents can stay in touch with their local police team, community safety partners and most importantly themselves, to share information and intelligence, helping to build safer communities in which we all have a part to play.”

The announcement of the association comes days before Neighbourhood Watch week, which is taking place between Saturday 18 June till Sunday 26 June. This is a national celebration of watch movement and encourages the public to find out more and get involved.

If people are interested in finding out more about forming or joining a Neighbourhood Watch group in their area they should contact their local coordinators:

North East Lincolnshire - North East Lincolnshire Area Network of Neighbourhood Watch Groups
Telephone: 01472324944 Email: Website:

North Lincolnshire - North Lincolnshire Neighbourhood Watch Association
Telephone: 01724 244634 Email: Website:

East Riding of Yorkshire - East Riding Council
Telephone: 01482 391013 Email: Website:

Hull - Neighbourhood Network
Telephone: 01482 826061 Email: Website:



Posted on Tuesday 13th June 2017