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Commissioner comments on HMICFRS Efficiency Report

Humberside Police and Crime Commissioner Keith Hunter has commented on the Efficiency Report which was published by HMICFRS today (9th November 2017)

Keith said: “I welcome the latest inspection report from HMICFRS on Efficiency which although just published, reports on the state of the force some months ago.

“Although the report highlights some areas where the force still needs to improve its systems and processes the narrative paints a picture of a force that has grasped the challenge to improve and is clearly on that journey. The challenge faced by Humberside Police to shake off the institutional belief that it could not significantly improve is one that is being squarely addressed.

“There is a new and growing confidence and belief in the force and those that interact with it, and this will assist the force as it progresses. What is vital is that the force builds a momentum of improvement that is sustainable and that takes time. That is preferable to attempting quick fixes to please an Inspectorate in one area whilst undermining performance in another.

“I am satisfied the force is not just moving forward but now doing it in the correct manner. There is much still to be done but that is understood and being addressed. I am particularly pleased that HMICFRS recognises the good use of resources allowing the force to grow the number of officers over the next year, in a manner almost every other force will be envious of.

“The positive nature of this report should be recognised as a significant milestone on the road to the force being acknowledged for the quality organisation we are working to deliver.”

The full report can be read HERE 



Posted on Thursday 9th November 2017