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Commissioner to release more information on police performance

Humberside Police and Crime Commissioner Keith Hunter has launched a new section of his website to inform the public on how Humberside Police are performing.

‘Your Police’ will give residents easy access to the latest crime figures, call answering times, staffing levels and more. As the public’s representative on policing, the Commissioner’s role is to hold the Force accountable for providing an efficient and effective service, to both support and challenge Humberside Police and call for improvements where they are needed.

Keith Hunter said: ‘Transparency is very important to me, and when I was campaigning for election I was frustrated to find a lack of information available to me, as a member of the public, on how the police were performing.

‘Now I am in office I want that to change, the information I will be publishing is used by me in my meetings with the Chief Constable and senior officers to judge their performance, and I want to make that available to everyone. So from today you will have access at the ‘Your Police’ section of this website.

‘To begin with, we’ll simply show you where Humberside Police are at the moment, and as time moves on I’ll report back on the progress that is being made to bring you an improved police service.’

CLICK HERE to go to Your Police



Posted on Thursday 21st July 2016