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Say No to Fraud

Welcome to our our Fraud Awareness campaign 'Say No To Fraud'

If you become a victim of fraud, the impact can be considerable and have a huge impact on your confidence and wellbeing as well as your financial situation. Say No To Fraud features the real stories of local victims of fraud and aims to reduce the number of victims by committing to increase knowledge of the types of fraud, the methods used by the criminals and advice on how to protect yourself and those you love from becoming a victim of these crimes. 

We are also asking you to take 5 minutes to talk about fraud with people you care about.  Some victims of fraud are embarrassed and might find it embarrassing to tell anyone, because they feel they have been duped, victims often blame themselves. It is never your fault

We need to stop feeling embarrassed about becoming victims and take back our right to say no to fraud! Close the door, press delete or hang up on these criminals.

This page is full of information to help you protect yourself. Take 5 minutes to have a browse and let's beat the fraudsters together. Here is one of our victims' stories: