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North East Lincolnshire Domestic Abuse Services

North East Lincolnshire

Women’s Aid NEL (support­ing men and women) 01472 575757 or email support­

The Blue Door Domestic and Sexual Abuse Service 0800 197 4787

For children and families safeguarding concerns contact the Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub 01472 326292 Option 2 or report concerns online HERE

For adult safeguarding advice and concerns contact the Single Point of Access (SPA) on 01472 256 256

What happens if you contact North East Lincolnshire Women’s Aid?

North East Lincolnshire Women’s Aid has an online contact form and 4 lines of support all reach by dialling 01472 575757.

When you contact them they will listen to you and help you understand the options you have and a plan. Many cases are not reported to the police, however this is encouraged (see information below).

Where children are involved, North East Lincolnshire Women’s Aid will work with you to assess risk. Some people have a fear that children will be taken out of a home by children’s services, however this is very rare. Reaching out for help is more likely to reduce the risk of this happening later down the line.

The support workers recognise that situations are often much more complex than saying “just leave” and will speak with you like a real person to try to help you through your unique situation.

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If you are concerned for your own or someone else’s immediate safety always ring the Police on 999.

Alternatively you can ring the Police for a non-emergency on 101.
Although you do not have to report the violence to the Police we would encourage this as reporting it builds a case against the perpetrator.
. . . . . a word of caution – leaving a violent and abusive relationship is often a really dangerous time. The abusers can feel they are losing the control in the relationship. This may result in the violence getting worse and you may be at higher risk – it is important you get support to leave.