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Community Trigger

Incidents of antisocial behaviour can regularly be resolved by a single action of one agency. For example a warning letter from the local authority’s noise nuisance team to a household which has played loud music may be all that is needed to stop the problem happening again.

However, there are other cases of antisocial behaviour that need a number of agencies to work together to tackle the issue and members of the public should feel confident that these agencies are working together.

Community Trigger allows members of the public to contact the agencies, such as the local authority, police and housing providers, to review how they have responded to complaints of antisocial behaviour.

It doesn't replace the agencies' own complaint procedures which should be used by the public where there is dissatisfaction with the conduct of the individual agency. However, if you feel that agencies working in partnership have not dealt effectively with the antisocial behaviour you have reported, you can raise a Community Trigger.
To raise a Community Trigger you need to have:

Reported three separate incidents relating to the same or similar issue of anti-social behaviour which have occurred within the last six months


Five different households separately reporting the same antisocial behaviour issue which has occurred within the last six months

If you meet this criteria then you can request a Community Trigger by contacting either your local authority or Humberside Police using the links below:

East Riding of Yorkshire Council

Hull City Council

North Lincolnshire Council

North East Lincolnshire Council

Humberside Police